How to Audit Your Accountant to Find Out if He’s Costing You Money
Our 2nd Opinion Tax Review uncovers an average of $119,000 in 5-year tax savings for typical clients.

The last time you wrote a check to the IRS, was there a voice in your head wondering if you pay too much in income taxes? Well, chances are you are correct. According to the Government Office of Accountability, 61% of tax returns are prepared incorrectly.


For private business owners, the numbers are even more staggering. According to the General Accounting Office in 2002, the IRS returned almost $18 billion to small businesses over a two-year period for overpayment of taxes.


The catch is that most people don’t know they’ve overpaid, and the Internal Revenue Service isn’t required by law to tell them. If you don’t find the mistakes and request a refund within three years, then the IRS wins and you lose!


Here’s your chance to get a “second opinion” on your taxes and find out if you are overpaying—and by how much.


A complimentary 2nd Opinion Tax Review

Working in conjunction with Gradient Tax, LLC, Sage Financial Partners will arrange for you to get a Second Opinion and Personal Tax Reduction Report at no charge. A licensed CPA who specializes in tax preparation & consulting will conduct a Comprehensive Review of your completed tax returns and prepare a 30-page written document. The report highlights errors and opportunities for you to reduce future taxes.


Gradient is a top notch CPA firm whose accountants and tax specialists average 15-20 years of professional experience, including private industry accounting, public accounting, business taxation, IRA taxation, tax law and tax policy.


Most tax preparers are merely historical record-keepers. You hand them your papers at the end of the year, and they tell you, “Here’s what you owe.”


This is different

In addition to your written report, you will receive proactive advice on tax-reduction strategies that can minimize your future tax obligation and result in years of tax savings.


Clients who earn $500,000 a year or more will often see over $100,000 in tax savings in the five subsequent years following their tax review.


Gradient CPA’s look to identify real ways to reduce taxable income, lower marginal tax rates, take advantage of tax deferral, increase tax credit eligibility and reduce taxes paid on Social Security. You gain a clear, concise picture of your interest and dividend income, capital gains and losses, deductions, and qualified retirement plan contributions.


For most of our clients, taxes represent their single biggest expense outside of their home. If we can help you lower that bill and put more money in your pocket, that’s a win-win.


Best of all, this complimentary review gives you the opportunity to get a qualified, unbiased second opinion from someone who has the expertise to identify errors or missed deductions that may have caused you to overpay.


Either you’ll learn how to save taxes every year going forward or, if they cannot find ways to reduce your taxes, you get peace of mind knowing that you are not overpaying your taxes and that your current tax advisors are doing the best possible job for you.


Here’s what to do next

If you’d like to find out if that voice in your head is correct and get a free second opinion on your taxes, simply fill out the request information on this page. We will contact you with next steps. Your privacy is assured and your private information remains confidential and secure at all times.




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