How black swans can impact your retirement

    As a 10 year-old altar boy I drank 3 milkshakes right before serving a wedding mass…   … and threw up on the bride during the service.   Not pretty – especially the janitor trudging onto the altar with a bucket and mop to clean up the mess.   I was as surprised […]

How a brilliant doctor lost thousands

Think you’re having a bad day?   I just read in THE WEEK that the American author of Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona was recently gored by… a bull… in Pamplona.   Fortunately he survived but the doctors had to operate; he had his credibility removed.   Speaking of doctors, a physician […]

The WORST kind of emotional baggage

It happens every week. TimeOut New York magazine takes two lovelorn New Yorkers and pairs them up to see if they’re right for each other. They send them on a date, then ask each person to record their assessments independently. And then they publish the comments in the magazine.   More often than not, the […]

Higher Income = Higher Chance of Audit?

Have you ever heard of the IRS Data Book?   While sorely lacking in pictures, the IRS Data Book is a fascinating read.   I’m serious.   Published annually, it’s a peak behind the curtain, and reveals all sorts of fun facts regarding number of returns filed, taxes collected, and agency enforcement. For example, the […]

Lobbying for a Pension

Recently I read a rather surprising Associated Press story. Did you know that some states award public pensions to private lobbyists?   According to the article ( at least 20 states — including New York and New Jersey — give full state pensions to private organizations who don’t work for the state (and in fact […]