What We Can Learn From the Financial Troubles of Professional Athletes

Lately I’ve been reading about professional sports figures with money troubles. For example, much was written about Joe Frazer’s money woes when he passed away last month. Earlier this year we learned about Michael Vick’s $19 million personal bankruptcy filing. Nothing new here. Long is the list of pro athletes who’ve either squandered their […] …

Room at the Inn?

When it comes to guaranteeing lifetime income, few tools are as handy as annuities. Given that the original long-term savings vehicle — the company-sponsored pension — is almost as extinct as the coelacanth, it’s become abundantly clear that your employer is no longer going to look out for your long-term financial interests. In today’s business …

Lobbying for a Pension

Recently I read a rather surprising Associated Press story. Did you know that some states award public pensions to private lobbyists?   According to the article (http://bigstory.ap.org/article/private-lobbyists-get-public-pensions-20-states) at least 20 states — including New York and New Jersey — give full state pensions to private organizations who don’t work for the state (and in fact …

The WORST kind of emotional baggage

It happens every week. TimeOut New York magazine takes two lovelorn New Yorkers and pairs them up to see if they’re right for each other. They send them on a date, then ask each person to record their assessments independently. And then they publish the comments in the magazine. More often than not, the […]

The 4 Biggest Lies About Social Security

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