When to Retire?

The concept of retirement is evolving, as many Americans are not retiring as early as previous generations.   For starters, the age for collecting full Social Security benefits is moving up. If you were born in 1937 or before, it’s still age 65. If you were born between 1938 and 1959, it’s now 66. For […]

Room at the Inn?

When it comes to guaranteeing lifetime income, few tools are as handy as annuities. Given that the original long-term savings vehicle — the company-sponsored pension — is almost as extinct as the coelacanth, it’s become abundantly clear that your employer is no longer going to look out for your long-term financial interests. In today’s business […]

Avoiding a Virtual Audit

One of the major stories in the news recently was about “Big Data” — the U.S. government tracking us through our Internet usage and Verizon cell phones.   Ostensibly, the NSA isn’t getting customer names or the content of our phone conversations. But that hasn’t assuaged the concerns of some citizens, who fear Big Brother […]

The #1 Regret of Millionaires

OK, quick quiz … In a recent survey, millionaires from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the United States were asked to name their biggest financial regret. Can you guess the correct answer?   A)    Not paying close enough attention to asset performance B)    Took too much risk C)    Too much debt D)    Missed out on a blockbuster […]

Simple Retirement Checklist – Part II

Last time, with the help of the Insured Retirement Institute’s (IRI) “Retirement Expectations Checklist,” we explored several needs you must weigh as you think about and ultimately set into motion a retirement plan. We looked at lifestyle budgeting, retirement income, when to retire, and the role of annuities and guarantees. Here are a few more items […]