When GE, Sprint and Exxon need to cut costs, here’s what they do…

For 36 years, a team of profit experts has been quietly helping businesses, governments, schools and non-profits to maximize profits, improve cash flow, and grow.

Household names such as GE, Sprint, Exxon, Wal-Mart use these specialists. As well as 21 departments of the U.S. Government. Plus charitable organizations including the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society and Meals on Wheels.

Their proven system identifies cost savings in over 2,000 expense categories– and converts those savings into cash flow and profits.

98% Success Rate

Over the course of three decades, this team has compiled a success rate of 98% – saving over $20 billion for clients large and small.

Even if you’re a small to middle-market company, their experience, connections, and supplier network can lower your costs on virtually any product or service your company is currently buying!

For example, they helped a government agency save $354,000 a year on office supplies. Showed a doctor group how to recover $1 million in operating expenses. And lowered a construction company’s annual cellular bill by $905,000.

Reduces Accounts Payable by 20 – 30 Percent

Think about all the things your company buys. Paper… copiers… travel… building security… utilities… janitorial supplies… personal computers… landscaping… insurance… data networks. Monitoring every cost item is nearly impossible. Even the world’s best run companies have holes in the bucket – areas where they’re unknowingly paying more than they have to. The average overspend is 28.2%.

Imagine if you could recapture that 28.2%, and bring it straight to the bottom line –without jeopardizing quality.

This is found money – an easy way to create cash flow this year and for years to follow. It’s also a way to achieve profit growth even when sales are flat.

Sound interesting? There’s no risk to find out if the program is a fit for you because . . .

You save money or the service is free

Here’s how it works. These profit-finding experts will dramatically reduce your expenses without any out-of-pocket cost from you.

There’s no risk. No upfront fees. No retainer. If savings are achieved, you agree to share an agreed upon percentage of first-year savings. If there’s no documented savings, there’s no bill.

An experienced team does all of the work for you, including project management, communication updates, data gathering, bidding, negotiating, RFP process, and every other component for the final cost reduction of each product, service, material and resource.

What you should do now

Would you like to reduce Accounts Payable… recapture 20 – 30% of your expenses… and instantly increase cash flow and profits?

If you have $1 million or more in annual non-payroll expenses, call Paul Partridge at 908.347.3635 or email him at paul@sagepart.com

He’s happy to send you a 2-page executive brief, answer your questions and arrange a no-cost assessment to review your situation.