Our Leading Tax-Attorneys Have Helped Over 5,500 Business Owners Permanently Reduce Their Income Taxes by 20% – 40%…
And Keep More of What They Earn…For Retirement, Family, Legacy.

Sage Financial Partners specializes in customized tax strategies to dramatically and permanently reduce taxes and create generational wealth. Our team consists of highly skilled tax attorneys and financial strategists who design options that provide significant savings and peace of mind. These are the same advanced strategies used by major U.S. corporations — personalized and made cost effective for family-owned businesses and private practices. Over 5,000 private business owners have already implemented these IRS-approved strategies to build and preserve wealth.

Our Current Clients

Below is a profile of our Business Owner/Professional Practice Clients


These clients… 

  • Are in the top tax bracket
  • Control their own income (i.e. Not W-2 Employee)
  • Wanted their CPA to recommend tax planning strategies to reduce their income taxes going forward
  • Wanted to learn strategies used by billionaires to legally lower their income taxes
  • Wanted to learn ways to reduce their audit risk
  • Wanted to know the most tax-efficient way to pay for their medical, disability, long-term care and equipment expenses
  • Wanted increased protection from potential lawsuits and creditors
  • Wanted to save money in the most tax-efficient way for retirement
  • Are not planning to retire for at least 5 years
  • Wanted to leave a legacy for kids/charity (if relevant)
  • Wanted to know the most tax-efficient Buy-Sell Agreement protection if they are in a partnership
  • Wanted to learn tax-saving business succession planning

Just some of the industries we’ve served:



Meet Your Income Tax-Savings Team


Ian Welham

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, Ian moved out of public practice and became CFO of a Barcelona-based publicly traded company. He also held CEO and COO positions in Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Belgium and the US for a global fashion and apparel corporation.

As a business owner and trained accountant, Ian understands the complexities of running a successful enterprise. He relates well to business owners who wear many hats while trying to create an entity of lasting value. Likewise his background helps him to work well with CPAs and other professionals working in tandem to serve clients.

Ian is a nationally sought-after speaker and author. He specializes in working with business owners on tax reduction strategies, and families on college and investment planning strategies. He is a regular guest on TV, radio and in the press, including the New York Times, Kiplinger, AOL Finance and the Newark Star-Ledger.

Ian and his wife Linda have been married for 25 years and have twin daughters, Heather and Francesca. He is a devoted Manchester United “football” fan, and an avid golfer.

Paul Partridge

Trusted advisor Paul Partridge shares his breadth of knowledge and experience with owners of closely-held businesses and private practices, to help them grow while controlling costs. He specializes in tax mitigation, working with his clients to help them keep more of their hard-earned money. Paul is also an authority on tax-free retirement and helping parents lower the cost of college—especially those who have been told they don’t qualify for financial aid.

As the co-founder of Sage Financial Partners, Paul works with business owners who, achieving a certain level of success, find they’re losing 50 percent of every incremental dollar in income to taxation. He helps stop that from happening and in the process shows clients how to retire years earlier than they thought they could.

Clients engage Paul and Sage Financial Partners to help reduce their taxes, retire sooner and create a tax-free retirement, structure a more efficient way to sell their business, and
pass money on to heirs without having to pay large estate taxes.

Paul has been featured on Forbes.com, and was a visiting scholar at High Point University.

Since receiving his business degree from the University of Notre Dame, Paul has enjoyed a successful career that has taken him around the world. He has worked in fifty-one different industries, and for some of the world’s most well-known brands, including: American Express, AT&T, Dell, Bank of America and The Washington Post.

Paul and his wife, Lynne, have been married for twenty-seven years. They have two college-age daughters, Emma and Grace. Paul is active in youth sports and has coached soccer, hockey and lacrosse. He enjoys music, photography, golf and wine, not necessarily in that order.