Proven ways to get money for college — even if your income is too high to qualify for financial aid
Nine out of 10 families overpay for college… here’s how to avoid joining them.

Our sister company is Complete College Planning Solutions. Headed by managing partner Ian Welham, the company educates parents on finding little-known ways of getting free money for college—even if you have been told you don’t qualify for financial aid.


Ian is co-author of the book Cash for College, and has been a featured college expert on America Online. He has also appeared on the WPIX Channel 11 morning show, News12 NJ, the Newark Star-Ledger, and, among others. His specialty is not only college funding but also how the way you pay for college impacts your retirement.


Thousands of families have attended Ian’s free public workshops, where he teaches:

  • The 3 most expensive mistakes high-income families make when planning for college (and how to avoid them)
  • The secret to sending your child to a private “elite” college for less than the cost of a state college
  • How to reduce your tuition bill by 35% – regardless of your income and assets (naturally, colleges don’t publicize this)
  • An easy way to find out how much a college is willing to discount its tuition
  • How to get the college to grant you more financial aid than what their stingy “financial aid formulas” calculate
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