The Profits Finder – Unlocking the hidden cash, business savings & government incentives that 98% of business owners miss out on


Imagine I walk into your office and hand you a bag of money. “What’s this?” you ask. “I found it under the cushions of your waiting room couch,” I explain. “Since it’s your money, I figured you’d want it.”
While the methodology is different (we use an advanced diagnostic tool instead of a couch), and the numbers are bigger (usually 6 figures+), the end result is similar:
My team and I find cash, cost savings and unrealized pockets of wealth hiding in your business
-that no one’s ever showed you how to tap.
How? Our secret decoder ring is a simple iPad app – a proprietary tool based on the collective wisdom and experience of top accountants and entrepreneurs that identifies areas of overspending in 8 key areas. We help increase cash flow, reduce overhead & operating expenses, and boost profits. If we can’t find ways to put money back into your P&L, we don’t get paid, period.
For example did you know that over $100 billion in tax incentives is available for US companies? Why not get your share.
My team and I love helping business owners find money they don’t know they have. Such as:

  • Saved a local hotel $3.6M in cost segregation benefits
  • Obtained a R&D tax credit of $290K for a manufacturing facility
  • Secured an energy tax credit of $740K for a Michigan company
  • Reduced the merchant processing fees of a local small business by $37,312 (no vendor switch required)
  • The Profits Finder Team has delivered over $300M ++ in local, state, and federal tax incentives to our clients.

Experienced in 47 different industries – in public companies as well as tiny startups. I take work and job seriously, but here’s one of my favorite quotes (borrowed from marketing maven Brian Kurtz):
When you die, everyone at your funeral will be very sad.
They will cry, talk about what an awesome person you were, how much they will miss you.
However, when the funeral ends, I guarantee that someone in the room will look at the person next to them and say:
“I’m hungry. Let’s go to Denny’s.”
Connect with me if you want to talk about increasing your take-home pay, freeing up cash, reducing operating expenses, building wealth … or have advice for how I can be a better golfer (fore left!)
Wondering if you’re a good fit? Our ideal client is:

  • a “Main Street” business: auto dealerships, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, hospitality, professional services, etc.
  • 10 – 150 employees
  • $1M – $30M annual revenue