Soc. Security Statements Are Back – Sort Of

They’re baaaack.   Those paper Social Security statements, which we used to get every year, but which have been on AWOL since 2011, may now coming to a mailbox near you.   The operative word here is “may.”   You will get a paper statement this year only if you are age 25, 30, 35, […]

Are Comfortable Retirements Becoming Extinct?

Twenty years ago, a financial advisor named William Bengen identified a disturbing trend. Retirees, who used to be able to count on Social Security and pensions, were starting to depend upon their own savings to manage retirement.   This problem is even more acute today, as companies have largely abandoned pensions in favor of 401(k) […]

When to Retire?

The concept of retirement is evolving, as many Americans are not retiring as early as previous generations.   For starters, the age for collecting full Social Security benefits is moving up. If you were born in 1937 or before, it’s still age 65. If you were born between 1938 and 1959, it’s now 66. For […]

The Other Big Pre Retirement Question: When Should I Start Collecting Social Security?

In addition to wondering how to make retirement savings last a long time, many people are asking themselves when they should collect Social Security benefits to maximize their payout amounts. There is always the temptation to start collecting even a reduced benefit amount as soon as possible, simply because it is available now. But it […]

Saving for Retirement Without Social Security

Social Security was a great idea . . .   . . . while it lasted.   It’s pretty safe to refer to it in the past tense because we know it’s on its last legs. According to some experts, the Social Security system will become insolvent in 2033. Others think it will run dry […]