Welcome to Paul's Retirement Travelogue

Welcome to Paul’s Retirement Travelogue

Many people dream about traveling in retirement. That’s when we have the time and the freedom to explore the world.

Personally I’ve had the travel bug for years, and have been fortunate enough to enjoy all sorts of amazing adventures. Riding in a hot air balloon. Swimming with dolphins. Golfing alongside kangaroos. Sipping volcanic wine on a remote island.

I’ve journeyed from the Great Barrier Reef to the Cliffs of Moher . . . Hong Kong to Haleakala . . . the Algarve to the Alhambra . . . and extensively throughout Italy from Lake Como to Sicily.

I’m so grateful for these experiences. I never imagined I’d be so blessed.

With this travelogue I hope to share some of my most memorable trips – in hopes of inspiring you and maybe giving you some ideas for your bucket list.

And when you go – I’d love to hear about your retirement adventures. Send me your pics!

Happy Travels,




From truffle hunting in Norcia to the Palio horserace in Siena to the boot of Italy and the Adriatic Sea.


Charming Old Town Cartagena… a tropical retreat called Las Islas… the City of Eternal Spring… and a giant rock with 750 steps.

The Algarve, Portugal

Friendly towns… breathtaking coastlines… craggy cliffs… stunning beaches… and a final stop in cosmopolitan Lisbon.


Biking in Stanley Park, tree-hiking in Capilano River Park, flower gardens in Queen Elizabeth Park & a scary suspension bridge.


Welcomed by the mayor in Cammarata, experiencing ancient history in Agrigento, living on a Sicilian far – and more.

Normandy, France

The beaches of Normandy and the American cemetery are so moving… Mont-Saint-Michel is a real-life Brigadoon!


We explored Pico and Sao Miguel – two of the nine islands in this tropical archipelago 900 miles west of mainland Portugal.


A short trip to Cabo San Lucas in pursuit of sun, snorkeling, sightseeing and heart-racing sand dunes ATVs.