By Paul Partridge

There’s an old story about a grandfather and granddaughter who were walking along the beach. The grandfather was picking up all the starfish he could gather and tossing them back into the ocean.

“You can’t save them all, Grandpa,” his granddaughter remarked. “What’s the point?”

“Ah, but for the ones I save,” the grandfather explained, “it makes all the difference.”

At SAGE, we don’t believe we are ‘saving lives’ by any means.

But when it comes to retirement and Social Security planning, we CAN save you from the most common mistakes we see every day – mistakes that cost families thousands of dollars during their retirement years.

We CAN save you from running out of money in retirement – and make sure you’re taken care of even if you live to age 105.

We CAN help you lower risk and create “guard rails” to protect against market fluctuations.

We CAN help shield you from healthcare costs eating away at your hard earned savings.

We CAN save you from paying more in taxes than you have to and shrinking your nest egg unnecessarily.

The right retirement plan CAN mean the difference between having a good experience vs. a not-so-good experience in retirement.

And that difference can impact both you and your loved ones.

Which is the reason why we do what we do.

Can our knowledge, experience and specialty focus in retirement planning make a big difference in your next few decades?

I’d like to extend you an invitation to come visit us and find out.

I’m willing to invest in you and buy you some of my time.

We’ll sit down over a cup of coffee and have an open, friendly conversation.

See and hear our ideas for yourself. Decide if our safe, simple approach can help make sure you’re successful at retirement.

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